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Production technology of edible mushrooms in different substrates

Man, with all this powers and prowess, depends totally on other biological entities for all his nutritional needs, he is even unable to synthesize certain biochemical’s essential for his own normal function. That man has survived such serious biochemical limitations attests to his ability to exploit the biological environment to his own advantage; this began with plans and animals, and was soon extended to microbes and eventually to cultured animal and plant cells and tissues. Which includes fungus also yeast and mushrooms coming under the class mycota (fungus) have great economic value. Health security through balanced and nutritious diet becomes the first priority for agricultural development after attaining self-sufficiency in the production of food grains in our country. In view of the widespread malnutrition, combating protein malnutrition deserves prime importance. The problem is more serious in India because the majority of our population is vegetarian and therefore, animal…


In Volume VI of his acclaimed Hinges of History series, Thomas Cahill guides us through the Renaissance and Reformation (late fourteenth to early seventeenth centuries). This was a time so full of innovation and cultural change that the Western world would not experience its like again until the twentieth century. Beginning with the continent-wide disaster of the Black Plague, Cahill traces the many innovations in European thought and experience that served both the new humanism of the Renaissance and the seemingly abrupt religious alterations of the increasingly radical Reformation. This was an age of the most sublime artistic and scientific adventure, but also of newly powerful princes and armies—and of unprecedented courage, as many thousands refused to bow their heads to the religious pieties of the past. It was an era where whole continents and cultures were discovered. More than anything, it was a time of individuality, as a whole culture realized that a new balance must be…


This book proposes an efficient stand alone PV system by considering two approaches. The first approach is by developing an efficient maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller of the PV system while the second approach is by developing an accurate model of an active sun tracker. To achieve an efficient MPPT controller, a new boost converter design and an improved MPPT algorithm are incorporated. In the proposed boost converter design, a passive regenerative snubber circuit is included to absorb the energy of stray inductance so as to reduce the IGBT switching losses. As for the improved MPPT algorithm, it is based on the curve fitting method which attempts to predict the power-voltage characteristic curve by a polynomial function of the fourth order. In the second approach for the development of an efficient PV system, a new open loop tracking algorithm is introduced to calculate the optimum tilt angle at which the installed collector should be slanted to collect the maximum…

Water and Power Resources of West Pakistan. Vol. I

Water and Power Resources of West Pakistan. Vol. I

The EU and the WTO

The essays in this volume attempt to explore and elucidate some of the legal and constitutional complexities of the relationship between the EU and the WTO,focusing particularly on the impact of the latter and its relevance for the former. The effect of WTO norms is evident across a broad range of European economic and social policy fields, affecting regulatory and distributive policies alike. A number of significant areas have been selected in this book to exemplify the scope and intensity of impact, including EC single market law, external trade, structural and cohesion funding, cultural policy, social policy, and aspects of public health and environmental policy. Certain chapters seek to examine the legal and political points of intersection between the two legal orders, and many of the essays explore in different ways the normative dimension of the relationship between the EU and the WTO and the legitimacy claims of the latter.

Economic growth and energy security

The main goal of this project is to find out how to maintain positive economic growth in the light of increasing energy dependency in Lithuania. An empirical analysis has been performed whereby correlation analysis was used to establish the relationship between economic growth and energy dependency in the Eastern European country of Lithuania. We found that there is a net inverse relationship between energy dependency and economic growth. Lithuania has to rely much more on energy imports especially after the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant’s closure in 2010. In order to maintain positive economic growth, it is vital to look for viable ways to reduce energy dependency. One of the ways — by producing biofuels for the transport sector domestically and thereby reducing imports is a sizeable component of Lithuania’s gross domestic product. Current domestic installed capacities for producing biofuels are not sufficient. A worsening energy situation in Lithuania require more efficient use of…

Toumba Tou Skourou – A Bronze Age Potters Quarter on Morphou Bay in Cyprus

Toumba Tou Skourou – A Bronze Age Potters Quarter on Morphou Bay in Cyprus

Поваренная книга русской опытной хозяйки (комплект из 5 книг)

До революции ее имя было более известно, чем имя Елены Молоховец. Коммерческий успех ее книг был настолько велик, что породил шквал поддельных изданий под ее именем. Екатерину Алексеевну Авдееву называли «королевой кулинарии» и «женщиной, которая первой вернула русскому человеку его исконную русскую кухню». В чем была причина такой поистине народной любви? Да в том, что свои книги Авдеева писала для обыкновенных людей. Простые рецепты для домашней кухни, обычные продукты. Рецепты она собирала по всей России, проехав ее всю — от Сибири до южных окраин.

Теоретический курс немецкого языка как второго иностранного

Книга дает представление об основных моментах исторического развития немецкого языка и характере его функционирования в настоящее время. При описании системы языка обобщаются, теоретически осмысляются и соотносятся с фундаментальными положениями общего языкознания и теоретического курса основного иностранного языка сведения о немецком языке, приобретенные в процессе овладения им как вторым иностранным. Главное внимание уделено специфическим чертам немецкого, регулярно сопоставляемым с особенностями русского, английского и французского языков. Для студентов факультетов и вузов иностранных языков, осваивающих немецкий язык на базе английского или французского. Может использоваться при освоении немецкого как дополнительной профессии лицами, получившими основы лингвистической подготовки (филологический факультет, факультет начального образования).


Кто бы мог поверить, что под маской легкомысленной и экстравагантной леди Кэтрин де Грей, которой молва приписывает множество скандальных связей, оказывается писательница Хсйден Лейн, известная своими прекрасными любовными романами? Только не блестящий лорд Тэвисток, то пугающийся недоброй славы леди Кэтрин, то изнывающий от страсти к ней. Однако Хейден снова и снова задает себе вопрос: как быть, если Тэвисток узнает правду? Сможет ли обманутый мужчина сохранить свою любовь? На свете нет тайн, которые можно хранить вечно…