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Affirmative Action: A Kenyan Case

The book is about the perception of affirmative action on women recruitment and career development. It investigates the feelings from both gender on this issue. It bases its study on a community in athe Mid-Western part of Kenya, Eldoret. The feelings of both men and women on the plight of women, issues of inequality, and the imbalance of job and opportunity placements in society were sought. Affirmative action, this study concludes is still a fluid situation with lots of room to improve in terms of perception and support, from men, women and in actuality the governments of the day, which often have been all along been dominated by a high presence of the male gender. As found out affirmative action is a movement that is widely accepted as an ambitious attempt to put right long history of gender discrimination. Men and women in Kenya supports affirmative action and agreed in unison that it should be put in practice fully in recruitment. A lot of changes in attitude is and will…

Career development of primary teacher in eldoret west Kenya

Career development is one of the major and vital requirements of employees in the twenty first century. Primary school teachers in Eldoret west district in Kenya are not an exceptional cohort. For this group of teachers to attain job satisfaction and give the best performance and productivity then they must develop their careers. Government policies need to be effective enough to facilitate automatic progression of the said group of teachers and other employees in their service.

Life Skills Among Continuing Education Workers

Most of the developing countries have recognized that economic development is not the only factor of development, but education shapes the destiny of a nation. All these countries are aware that education and human resource development will play a key role in the 21st century. After independence, the adult education programme was included in the Five Year Plans. Recently, specific efforts have been made to include women in the development process. Special attention has been taken to improve their literacy status and also to raise their economic status through the Continuing Education Programme.The continuing education worker has to disseminate the life skills to the neo-literates and others under equivalency programmes, individual interest promotion programmes, quality of life improvement programmes and under life enrichment education programmes of Jan Shikshan Sansthans. He/she requires communication skills, decision making skills, leadership skills, etc., to do justice to his/her…

Методические указания по диагностике силовых трансформаторов, автотрансформаторов, шунтирующи
Accountability in Human Resource Management

Accountability in Human Resource Management

Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies

Learn to: Secure the best job opportunity for your skillset Build a resume and impress interviewers Research employers and interpret job listings Chart your path for a career in web development If your pet peeves include malfunctioning forms

Совет директоров. Технологии эффективной работы. Коллегиальное управление в современном бизнесе

Эффективная работа совета директоров как высшего органа управления предприятием — залог успеха любой компании. Как и в предыдущей книге «Искусство результативного управления», выпущенной издательством «Добрая книга» в 2004 году, Рэм Чаран в своей новой работе обращает внимание читателя на главную проблему любого растущего бизнеса — несоответствие прилагаемых директорами усилий и результатов работы возглавляемых ими организаций. Здесь вы найдете множество примеров из практики работы советов директоров ведущих компаний мира и познакомитесь с технологиями, которые помогут любому коллегиальному органу управления компанией существенно повысить эффективность своей работы, а значит, и результаты деятельности компании в целом. Вы узнаете: — как наладить эффективные внутрикорпоративные коммуникации между различными подразделениями компании и лидерами, которые их возглавляют; — как совместными усилиями разработать стратегию развития компании; — как обеспечить преемственность…

Переворот в сознании = переворот в бизнесе

В этой книге, разрушающей все стереотипы и традиционные модели руководства, автор рассказывает о новом мышлении — настоящем перевороте сознания, который на наших глазах меняет правила современного бизнеса. Для широкого круга читателей.

Preservation of Historic Buildings

This book is about Preservation of Historic Buildings in an endeavour that seeks to promote Social and Economic Values of National Building Heritage through their attraction and appeal to the public and tourists. It triggers public awareness of the issue of conservation and offers a proposition to the deployment of the local community’s knowledge base. The book uses an Integrated Socio-physical Approach to extract the level of local knowledge and expertise on documentation of signs of deterioration and defects and identification of hazard on historic buildings. Based on the survey responses it was observed that local people working or living in heritage buildings have abundant knowledge about historic buildings and some may have vested skills which if properly harnessed could significantly rescue these valuable historical resources. To understand the underlying processes of deterioration and defects, samples of building materials were collected and tested in the laboratory for…

Challenges And Prospects Of Implementing BPR

In today’s turbulent environment, everything is changing. In this world increasingly driven by the three Cs i.e. customer, competition and change, companies are looking for new remedies for their organizational problems .Recently, some of the more successful organizations in the world seem to have acquired an incredible solution: Business Process Reengineering. BPR by definition is the rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value-added business processes and the organizational structures that support them to optimize the workflows and productivity in an organization” (Soliman and Youssef, 1998, p. 894). The main aims of BPR are to improve profitability and return on capital employed through optimizing business processes, such as reducing management layers and cutting costs (Martin and Cheung, 2000). It involves fundamental changes not only to business processes but also to the way in which the organization is managed and operated. Organizations, could they be private or…