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IT Governance in German Savings Banks

Managers of information technologies are responsible and accountable for synchronizing IT strategy with business strategy, effectively and efficiently delivering IT services as well as creating and sustaining value. As part of the corporate governance IT governance provides regulations, principles and responsibilities for IT related decisions to deliver value to the organization. This work investigates the maturity level of IT governance and the structure of decision making in the German Savings Bank Finance Group. These types of banks are public sector financial institutions with the legal status of a “corporation established under public law” and are economically independent institutes with their own executive boards. However all savings banks share one common service provider for most of their IT services, the Finanz Informatik, and on common challenge.

AutoCAD Programming in C/C++

AutoCAD Programming in C/C++

Software Process Improvememt

Software Process Improvement is designed as an essential textbook for student pursuing the subject at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.The book will also serve the requirement of student of B.tech,M.tech,M.C.A and M.SC Computer Sc. This book has been written in mind to make aware you aware of the options available in the software and how they can be used. Like Software Process Improvement is such a vast subject that it will take a lot of time to understand it fully.it depends up to what level you are playing to learn.if you are learning only the working use,then it is very easy.

Application of SWAN Model in Myanmar Coastal Regions

Increased utilization of the coastal zone to a multitude of activities including various shoreline developments related to transportation, tourism, fish farming and the increasing the wind and wave energy industries have lead to a growing demand for reliable information on the wave conditions. Waves are one of the dominant phenomena that shape a coastline: they are largely responsible for beach erosion, long shore drift and elevated water levels. Waves transport energy from remote area of the ocean to the coastline. When unleashed in the breaking process, this energy erodes beaches and can damage and destroy coastal structures such as sea walls, jetties and breakwaters. Due to the absence of field data, numerical simulation becomes more important.To obtain realistic estimates of random, short-crested wind-generated waves in such condition for a given bottom topography, wind field, water level and current field, the numerical wave model SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore) can be used. …

iPad Application Development For Dummies

Create apps for the hottest device on the market — the iPad! iPad application development is the new gold rush — iPad sales are booming and new apps are arriving daily.

Information Systems in Education

The publication summarizes the author’s expertise and experience in teaching of basics information system (IS), based on a structured methodology for the informatics students and for business oriented students, too. The theme starts with explanation of the basic concepts and description of IS modelling in general, followed by structured methodology, complementary by examples, outcome of the student work, and also the result of research of the pedagogical process. The explanation of the IS development is followed by an example of IS about companies which sell software products and hardware components. This IS is able to record of SW products, HW components and suppliers, record data about the companies and the important HW and SW parameters, including cost; is able to create relevant information about the stored data. Many illustrative figures and tables are included.

Slicing Object Oriented Programs for Maintenance Purposes

Object oriented approach is growing very fast in various applications of the computer science. Those applications may contain a lot of entity relationships which, need to be understood by the maintainers. An approach for formally defining slices for object oriented programs is an important problem in the maintenance phase. This research proposes definitions of slices for object oriented programs. Basic relations such as Usage, Affect and Inheritance are defined, and they are extended to a family of dependence relations between entities in object oriented programs and defines slicing techniques based on these relations. Slice collection methods for specified slice criteria are given. This approach shows how the proposed slicing concepts and rules can be applied within the software maintenance process. The research also develop an object oriented system tool (O2SMt) which represent an automatically extractable and captures an object oriented software system dependencies in order to…

Constraint Processing

Constraint satisfaction is a simple but powerful tool. Constraints identify the impossible and reduce the realm of possibilities to effectively focus on the possible, allowing for a natural declarative formulation of what must be satisfied, without expressing how. The field of constraint reasoning has matured over the last three decades with contributions from a diverse community of researchers in artificial intelligence, databases and programming languages, operations research, management science, and applied mathematics. Today, constraint problems are used to model cognitive tasks in vision, language comprehension, default reasoning, diagnosis, scheduling, temporal and spatial reasoning. In Constraint Processing, Rina Dechter, synthesizes these contributions, along with her own significant work, to provide the first comprehensive examination of the theory that underlies constraint processing algorithms. Throughout, she focuses on fundamental tools and principles,…

Memory-Constrained Security Enforcement

This book aims at investigating memory-constrained security by analyzing the security of Java ME-CLDC and characterizing enforceable security policies. More precisely, the main objectives are (1) evaluating and improving the security of Java ME-CLDC and (2) characterizing memory-constrained execution monitoring; an important class of security mechanisms. We conducted a vulnerability analysis of Java ME-CLDC that revealed the presence of vulnerabilities in the platform and showed how to improve the underlying security model. In addition, we conducted a risk analysis that provided a seriousness estimation of the risks associated with the uncovered vulnerabilities. To characterize memory-constrained execution monitoring, (1) we defined a new automata class, called Bounded History Automata (BHA), to specify memory-constrained EM enforcement, (2) we identified a new memory-directed taxonomy of EM-enforceable properties, and (3) we investigated the enforcement of local properties using…

Fingerprint Recognition Technology — Related Topics

This work deals with three related topics in the field of biometric fingerprint recognition. The first topic is devoted to the skin structure and various sensor technologies used for the fingerprint acquirement, namely optical, capacitive, ultrasonic, e-field, electro-optical, pressure, thermal, MEMS and sweep. This is followed by the description of influencing factors which could have an impact on the fingerprint acquirement process, e.g. skin diseases. The second topic covers the issues of estimation of fingerprint image quality. At the beginning, important error rates and curves for the evaluation of biometric system performance are introduced. The last topic deals with the liveness detection. At the beginning, some basic risks related to biometric systems are discussed and the need for liveness detection is explained. This is followed by the description of all known methods for the liveness detection which could be suitably used in the fingerprint recognition.