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Discovery Of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Using In Silico Docking Studies

The book entitled “Discovery of potential cyclooxygenase inhibitors using in silico docking studies”. Molecular docking studies are gaining importance in the new drug discovery process as a tool for high-throughput screening. This book deals with the evaluation of cyclooxygenase inhibitory activity of flavonoids using in silico docking studies. In this perspective, various flavonoids were analyzed for their anti-inflammatory activity. This book highlights the information about the structural models of the flavonoids in the cyclooxygenase binding sites, which may facilitate further development of more potent cyclooxygenase inhibitory agents. This book will be very useful to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Pharmacists, Pharmacologists and Medicinal Chemists. Bioinformatics researchers will also be interested in this book. It is a handbook to be read, kept and referred to again and again.

Effect of Heavy Metals on Haematological and Testicular Functions

The heightened concern for reduction of environmental pollution that has been occurring over the past decades has stimulated active continuing research and literature on the toxicity of heavy metals. While, the toxic effects of these substances is a widespread concern in the modern industrial context. Man has succeeded in poisoning himself with the two most polluted heavy metals (lead and cadmium) repeatedly throughout recorded history. Since heavy metals are probably the oldest toxins known to humans so this book aimed to evaluate the hazard of lead and cadmium on some constituents of blood and the testicular functions. Also, aimed to focus on the beneficial role of antioxidants (vitamin C and/or zinc) in retardation and regression of heavy metals problems.



Neuropsychatric Disorders

Neuropharmacology studies the effects of drugs on the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that carry information to and from different parts of the body. Psychopharmacology deals with drug effects on behavioural and cognitive functions. In both cases, drug actions may be studied from number of different perspectives. Some investigators in these areas research negative or toxic effects of drugs on neural and behavioural functions. Others focus on the development and testing of new drugs for the treatment or prevention of specific diseases of the nervous system, including neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Others may study drugs that are already in use, so as to understand more precisely the neurobiological targets and mechanisms of action of those drugs, or to gain new insights about the underlying neurobiology of disease processes. Researchers in these areas also use drugs as tools…

Сердечные биомаркеры в кардиологии и кардиохирургии

Настоящая книга является первой отечественной систематической монографией, посвященной сердечным биомаркерам. Она состоит из 3 глав, первая из которых посвящена основным патофизиологическим процессам в миокарде, происходящих при его ишемии. Определено понятие «идеального биомаркера» повреждения сердечной мышцы, представлен исторический экскурс развития биохимической диагностики инфаркта миокарда. Во второй главе приводятся сведения об основных сердечных биомаркерах, анализируются их преимущества и недостатки, а также ограничения в диагностике ишемических и некротических процессов в миокарде. Третья глава посвящена рассмотрению клинических аспектов использования современных сердечных биомаркеров в кардиологическом и кардиохирургическом стационарах. Приведены собственные и литературные данные по выявлению патологии миокарда, острого коронарного синдрома и инфаркта миокарда. Особое внимание уделено вопросам интерпретации результатов определения кардиальных биомаркеров при операциях на…

Dental Ceramics

Over last few decades “Dental Ceramics”, which is the basic material used in dentistry, have undergone lots of modifications, due to which it is real difficult to learn about it in a single book. This book is an effort to cover all about dental ceramics, starting from history, chronology, terminologies, structure, classification, composition, manufacturing and its various types. This book is written basically for undergraduates dental students, keeping in mind the problems they face in learning all about dental ceramics. I hope it will provide enough knowledge to them regarding the dental ceramics.

The effects of spinal anaesthesia on cerebral oxygen saturation

What are potentially adverse effects of hemodynamic and respiratory changes on systemic oxygen delivery using cerebral oxymetric methods in patients who underwent spinal anesthesia ? Systemic delivery of oxygen decreases in proportion with a decrease in cardiac output leading to an onset of many problems such as development of cerebral ischemia, myocardial infarction, acute renal failure and cardiac arrest because of tissue hypoxia.

Лабораторная диагностика в мониторинге пациентов с эндогенными психозами. Нейро-иммуно-тест. Медицинская технология

«Нейро-иммуно-тест» предназначен для лабораторного мониторинга состояния пациентов с эндогенными психозами, а также для оценки остроты психического состояния, качества и степени полноты ремиссии, наступающей после снижения активности болезненного процесса. Технология включает определение ряда иммунологических показателей сыворотки крови, вовлеченных в процесс функционирования нервной системы, и их изменения в динамике заболевания. Анализируются такие иммунологические показатели, как энзиматическая активность лейкоцитарной эластазы (ЛЭ), функциональная активность а1-протеиназного ингибитора (а1-ПИ), уровень аутоантител к нейроантигенам — основному белку миелина (ОБМ) и белку S100B, которые сопоставляются с динамическими поэтапными характеристиками эндогенного психоза. Комплексная оценка этих показателей дает объективное представление об особенностях патологического процесса в головном мозге на определенном временном отрезке развития заболевания, дополняя персонифицированные данные…

Medicinal Properties of Gmelina arborea Leaves

Medicinal Properties of Gmelina arborea leaves deals with the study of Phytochemical constituents & Free radical scavenging, Antioxidant, Antihelminthic and Cytotoxic activities. This book is organized into various contents such as Phytochemical constituents (Analysis of secondary metabolites), Free radical scavenging (DPPH, ABTS, Nitric oxide, Super oxide, Hydroxyl & Hydrogen peroxide assays) , Antioxidant (Enzymic & Non- Enzymic antioxidants), Antihelminthic (Using African earthworm — Eudrilus eugeina) and Cytotoxic (Brine Shrimp Leathality Assay)Activities. This book is supplemented with the assay procedures. This book would prove to be useful to students at all levels to understand the fundamental information in Gmelina arborea.

Immunology of Infection,32

Immunology of Infection,32