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Геометрические построения, выполняемые с помощью прямой линии и неподвижного круга

Книга Я.Штейнера «Геометрические построения, выполняемые с помощью прямой линии и неподвижного круга» по справедливости считается классическим сочинением, в ней дается применение принципов синтетической геометрии, одним из создателей которой был автор, к решению вопросов так называемой элементарной геометрии. Будет интересна всем увлекающимся математикой.

Gold Nanoparticle as a Turn off Fluorescent Sensor for Hg[ii] Ions

In this book, we report the bio synthesis of aqueous stable gold nanoparticles by using Ocimum sanctum leaf extract as both reducing and capping agents. The Ocimum sanctum leaf extract reduced gold nanoparticles (AuNps) were characterized by UV/Vis, particle size analyzer (PSA)and transmission electron mictroscopy (TEM. Additionally, AuNps have been investigated for its application as “Turn Off” fluorescent sensor for Hg[II]. A concentration of Hg[II] in the limit of 10 ?M to 10 mM can be detected based on fluorescence quenching of the AuNPs and it was also concluded from the spectroscopic data that AuNPs possess excellent selectivity to Hg[II] over several metal ions like Pb[II], Cu[II], Cd[II], Mn[II], Zn[II] and Ni[II]. We discuss here a quick, simple, economic and ecofriendly method through a completely green route for the selective detection of Hg2+ in aqueous samples. The method has been successfully applied for determination of Hg(II) ions in ground water and industrial…

Анализ систем управления комплексов высокоточных наблюдений

В работе рассмотрены методики синтеза цифровых систем управления следящих электроприводов комплексов высокоточных наблюдений. На современном этапе развития теории автоматического управления и теории электропривода известно множество алгоритмов управления, реализуемых в информационной подсистеме. Поэтому целью данной магистерской работы является сравнительный анализ и параметрический синтез типовых систем управления прецизионным электроприводом, позволяющие обоснованно предложить для практической реализации структуру системы управления электроприводом азимутальной оси и ее конкретные параметры. В работе были синтезированы пять типовых систем управления, такие как: — одноконтурная система регулирования положения; — двухконтурная система регулирования положения с контуром скорости, настроенным на технический оптимум; — двухконтурная система регулирования положения с контуром скорости, настроенным на симметричный оптимум; — двухконтурная система регулирования положения c контуром…

Surface Energy Budget Over a Land Surface in the Tropics

Atmospheric convection is sensitive to the nature of the surface and its temperature. Both dry (without cloud) and moist (with cloud) convection depend on the surface temperature. Surface temperature is of critical importance in several practical applications like human comfort and crop cultivation. In the climate change scenario too, variations in the surface temperature take the center stage. Therefore, prediction of surface temperature is important. The evolution of the temperature is governed by the energy equation and the surface temperature by the surface energy balance. Important components of the surface energy balance are radiation (incoming solar radiation, reflected solar radiation, incoming and outgoing longwave radiation), sensible and latent heat fluxes and heat flux into the ground (called ground heat flux).The present study addressed the above problem by using the data from a 10 m meteorological tower. Turbulent fluxes were computed using both profile and Eddy…

Energy Environment, and Climate Change

Energy Environment, and Climate Change

Cobol for Students

Cobol for Students

Impact Analysis of Climate Change on the Dynamics of Glaciers

Glaciers are very sensitive to climate change. Climatic parameters like Temp., Precipitation, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation are playing major role. Glacier’s size, life span, growth and retreat all depend strongly on climate conditions. The Himalaya possesses all the three characteristics of glaciers viz. low, mid and high latitudes glaciers. In the extreme west the climate is purely sub tropic to mid latitudinal climate and tropical in the east. Therefore, Himalaya provides a unique opportunity to study the mass balance and snout fluctuations of the mountain glacier, which can be modeled for the different kind of climatic regime. Main objective of this book is to analyse impact of climate change on the dynamics of the glaciers for the last 30 years. Based on the satellite images, the glacial boundaries were visualized and classified into various classes based on the Normalized Difference Snow Index algorithms for the last 30 years. Climatic data from various sources are…

Chimpanzee Cultures

Chimpanzee Cultures

Требования охраны труда при работе на персональных электронно-вычислительных машинах (ПК)

В книге подробно рассматриваются все необходимые требования охраны труда при работе на персональных электронно-вычислительных машинах (ПК). Приведены санитарные правила и нормы, правила безопасности, необходимая документация.

Fish Biology, Fisheries and Fish Diseases

As the Science is advancing with the development of new technologies, there is a scope for learning the latest knowledge and in-depth studies of the subject. Therefore regular curriculum revisions are made to meet the learner’s objectives in acquiring the recent knowledge in the subject. Keeping in view of this an attempt is made to write a comprehensive book entitled “Fish Biology, Fisheries and Fish Diseases”. The book contains 11 chapters covering the aspects of Fish biology, aquaculture with emphasis on fish culture, Fish Husbandry, Fish health, Fish diseases and Public health importance (zoonosis) and Diagnosis of fish diseases and treatment. The book is written in a simple and lucid way with several examples and illustrations. This book is highly useful for both under-graduate students of Animal science and Veterinary Medicine as the book is written following the syllabus from harmonized curriculum. I express deep sense of gratitude to all my colleagues of College of Vet….