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Перенос воды и спиртов через катионообменные мембраны

В работе изложены современные представления о составе и структурной организации ионообменных мембран. Приведены обзор мембранных методов разделения смесей и физико-химические закономерности процессов мембранного газоразделения и первапорации. Рассмотрены особенности состояния воды и спиртов в полимерах и полимерных мембранах различной химической природы и мембранного транспорта воды и спиртов из газовой и жидкой фаз. Приведены описание современных методов исследования гидратации и сольватации ионообменных мембран и оригинальных методик изучения массопереноса воды и спиртов из газовой и жидкой фаз. Изложены результаты исследования состояния воды и алифатических спиртов в сульфосодержащих мембранах на основе привитого к полиэтилену дивинилбензола, ароматических полиамидов, а также карбоксилсодержащих ароматических полиамидокислотных мембран. Приведены данные по изучению механизма мембранного массопереноса воды, а также кинетические закономерности разделения водно-спиртовых смесей из…

Biogeochemical Distribution Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHs)

in this book there are some methods to extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(with some modified) from many environmental medium, measured it and measured the physical and chemical properties for these medium and study the phytoplanktons and analyzed by statistical process. finally explain the using of some phytoplanktons as bioindicators, biosensors and biomonitors. this book very benefit for any searchers in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phytoplanktons and physical and chemical properties for water, sediments and organisms.

Transnational Administrative Rule-Making

In an age of globalisation, many regulatory problems lie beyond the reach of the nation state. Solutions have to be found which extend beyond territorial borders. Normally we would expect international law to be the appropriate forum for addressing these issues, but this assumes formal consensus amongst states, which is difficult to obtain. Therefore a number of informal structures of pragmatic public governance have emerged as an alternative to formal law-making processes, operating within the transnational space between national and international law. These structures display a great variety-ranging from loose transboundary networks linking national administrative agencies and transnational expert committees, to networks involving administrative staff of international organisations. They work out their own agendas, and in some cases have emancipated themselves from formal national or international parent institutions. These network-like structures have become important building…

Electro-optical studies

Studies on the electro-optical properties of CdS-type materials have gained much importance due to their wide applications as sensitive photoconductors, IR detectors, solar cells, lamp phosphors etc. Incorporation of rare earth ions into these materials improves their photosensitivity at least a thousand fold. This book presents the electro-optical studies of rare earth doped (Cd-Zn)S films prepared by chemical deposition technique. The theories used in understanding the phenomenon of photoconductivity and photoluminescence have been elaborately discussed. Techniques of film preparation and the various measuring arrangements used have also been described. The optical properties as well as the structure and morphology of the films have been extensively discussed and the optimum composition and preparatory conditions for improving the quality of the films have been suggested. It is hoped that the different studies and their observations would be useful for interested researchers in…

That Pale Mother Rising – Sentimental Discourses & the Imitation of Motherhood in Nineteenth Century America

That Pale Mother Rising – Sentimental Discourses & the Imitation of Motherhood in Nineteenth Century America

Decomposition of Jute Residues in Soil

Jute (Corchorus spp.) is again gaining global attention as it produces huge amount of natural fibers that are very friendly to environment. It produces large amount of green leaves and root biomass (very deep rooting system about 60 cm) as byproduct during fiber production, which are ultimately added to the soil. Therefore, it is one of the potential crops that could improve soil carbon sequestration and soil fertility. However, little scientific literature exists about biomass yield of jute leaves and roots, their decomposition characteristics in soils particularly having varying mineralogical compositions. This book, therefore, provides own experimental results as well as some recent literature on biomass yield of jute leaves and roots, their nutrient (C, N, P, K and S) contents and decomposition characteristics in soils. It also focuses experimental evidence on soil clay mineralogical compositions as a factor controlling leaf and root decomposition. This book will update current…

Prosperity & Violence – The Political Economy of Development

Prosperity & Violence – The Political Economy of Development

Effects of Phosphorus and Micronutrients

Greenhouse and field trials were conducted to evaluate the effects of phosphorus and micronutrients on the response of soybean to rhizobia inoculation on a fallow soil in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria. In the greenhouse study, there were significant differences among different nutrient combinations in parameters such as plant height, number of leaves, leaf area, nodulation, dry matter yield, N and P uptakes and N derived from the atmosphere (Ndfa). Application of phosphorus (P) had about 86% higher Ndfa than minus P. However, there were no significant differences among inoculants except in chlorophyll content, nodule dry weight and Ndfa. The effect of the nutrients in the field followed similar trend with greenhouse. The application of P gave higher yield (1.61 t/ha) than minus P (0.47 t/ha). In addition, rhizobia inoculation with Legumefix gave the highest nodule number while yield was not significantly influenced by inoculation. Surprisingly, the study showed that long term…



Family Law Advocacy

The role of the law in settling family disputes has been a matter of particular debate over the past twenty-five years. In keeping with the general public perception, the media has been largely critical about the role of lawyers in family law matters, sustaining a general lack of confidence in the legal profession, and a more specific feeling that in family matters lawyers aggravate conflict or even represent a female conspiracy. The climate in which family lawyers practise in England and Wales is therefore a harsh one. The authors of this path-breaking study felt it was time to find out more about the contribution of barristers in family law cases. They therefore embarked on a careful study of the Family Law Bar, its characteristics, what its members do, and how their activities contribute to the management or resolution of family disputes. Much of the study is comprised of an in-depth examination of the day-to-day activity of members of the family law bar through observation of…