Biocontrol of Sclerotinia: Mechanism & its Practical Utility

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Biocontrol of Sclerotinia: Mechanism & its Practical Utility

Автор: Neeru Narula and Kunal Wadhwa


Biological control, more commonly referred as biocontrol, offers an eco friendly and effective alternative to synthetic chemicals to suppress plant diseases as latter when used indiscriminately cause environmental (water, soil and air) pollution, affecting human and animal health. In addition, microorganisms as biocontrol agent help in plant growth promotion also. Studies were conducted to find biocontrol mechanism along with practical utility thereof, against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) De Bary by Azotobacter spp. and Gluconacetobacter spp. Most of the strains showed the production of auxins, gibberellins, chitinase and antifungal antibiotics. 16.67% Azotobacter spp. and 12.50% Gluconacetobacter spp. produced siderophores. Antifungal substance produced was proteinecious, stable at 55 oC, revealing that there are two compounds, one of which is extracellular and another is cell bound. The rhizbacteria were capable of increasing plant growth, along with disease suppression, under…

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2012



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Biocontrol of Sclerotinia: Mechanism & its Practical Utility

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